About Activating Inclusive Sound Spaces

A significant amount of data (on festivals, labels and clubs, union membership, academic conference attendance, and course application) concretely demonstrates that our music and sound industries are predominantly male and ethnically homogeneous (white). Research has shown how assumptions are made about who is associated with digital music and sound production practices, raising fundamental questions about how our environments and communities influence and shape them and our industries.

This weekend invites critical discourse on the activation of sound spaces in relation to gender, race, culture and identity. We seek to listen carefully to voices other than our own; to understand other experiences, activate safer spaces, create inclusive environments and collaborate on informed action. In particular we need to amplify the voices of people creating and producing independently without institutional support, to understand their perspectives and their views about how circumstance shapes practice.

This event is hosting performances, sound installations, short position papers and critical scholarly works that explore how industrial, non-industrial and individual music/sonic practices appropriate and shapes sound and technology.

Guest speakers
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Submission deadline: February 24th 2017
You will be notified if your submission has been successful by May 5th 2017

For those with access to institutional funding, the delegate fee is £50

This event is free to anyone without access to institutional funding due to support from Athena SWAN (The University of Huddersfield).

In addition to this, if you do not have institutional support you can apply for a travel/accommodation/child care bursary. Funds are limited and so we encourage postgraduates and post docs to seek institutional support first.

For further information about the event please email: AISSinfo@hud.ac.uk

With thanks to:

 Centre for the study of Music, Gender and Identity (MuGI) 



Event convenors

Dr Liz Dobson music technology lecturer at The University of Huddersfield, main conference convenor and founder of the Yorkshire Sound Women Network.

Dr Patricia Alessandrini lecturer in studio composition at Goldsmiths
Dr Sam De Boise author of Men, Masculinity, Music and Emotions. Örebro University
Dr Lisa Colton director of the Centre for Music, Gender and Identity at The University of Huddersfield
Dr Linda O’Keeffe lecturer and sound artist based at the Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts. Convenor of Women in Sound Women on Sound

Supriya Nagarajan artistic director of Manasamitra
Steph Horak independent sound and video artist
Dr Lisa Busby senior lecturer at Goldsmiths
Also with thanks to Alex McLean 

Administrative support
Susie Green composer, producer and masters student at The University of Huddersfield

In association with The Huddersfield University, Goldsmiths, Lancaster University and Örebro University

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