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Submission deadline: February 24th 2017 5pm

If you are unsure about submitting a contribution and would like to discuss it further in person first, please email

We encourage submissions from:
– Independent practitioners: anyone creating/producing/performing sound works.
Activists engaged in strategies for influencing change.
Scholars (musicologists, sociologists, pedagogists) who offer an academically critical perspective, framed by gender studies, queer theory, and race.
Educators engaged in music technology curriculum delivery or development
Industry (Sound and music interface development, festivals, clubs, studios, media production, audio development, music journalism).

The event will include sound installations, performances, sandpit conversations and papers in order to open up different avenues for the meaningful exploration of issues. It will lead to a special edition publication and serve as a springboard for new research collaborations.

Broad thematic prompts:

  1.    Understanding challenges to diversity and access to music and sound technology institutions: documenting evidence of inclusive and exclusive spaces
  2.    Strategies that disrupt institutional spaces
  3.    Defining institutions and spaces of music and sound technology
  4.    Feminist perspectives on music technology paradigms
  5.    Men and masculinity in sound and music technology
  6.    Creating social change and mobility for better access to all fields of music and sound technology

Submitting a performance – 15 to 30 minutes.
Please submit a 200 word introduction to your practice and a brief 200-500 word outline of your performance work (with examples) plus a summary of your technical requirements. These word limits are guidelines but we do ask that you communicate your intentions concisely with associated links.

Although we cannot pay for performances, we are able to offer up to five £100 performance bursaries to cover performer’s costs (in addition to the bursary outlined above) thanks to Athena SWAN. If you wish to apply for a performance costs bursary, please outline how you will use the funds. If your application is successful, we will let you know by May 25th 2017.

Submissions for fixed sound installations – to run continuously for two days.
We invite fixed and interactive media installations/electro acoustic works for 1 to 8.1 speakers (or other equipment you provide). Please submit a 300 word abstract (word count not including references) and technical details for performance. Works that responds directly to or engage with the following thematic points will be prioritised.

We have most equipment however if you require additional specialist resources there may be a small amount of funding available for installation costs. If you wish to apply for installation expenses please outline the requirement with your submission. If your application is successful, we will let you know by May 25th 2017.

Call for papers – a) 20 minute academic papers or b) 10 minute position papers (which might be grounded in personal practice or activism).
Please submit a 300-500 word abstract (word count not including references) stating clearly if you are submitting a or b. Work that responds directly to or engage with the following prompts will be prioritised.

   how do individuals and communities disrupt, transform or subvert established spaces/practices, and facilitate intersectionality, inclusivity and emancipation?
   are social structures shaping a gendering of music technology and sound fields, if so how?
   have music and sound technology institutions become gendered, and if so in what ways?
   what can be offered through a critical perspectives on men and masculinities in sound and music technology fields.
   how do individuals and communities navigate gendered spaces in these practices.
   how does a gendered environment influence personal, institutional, technological, cultural and sonic change?
   how can music production and education institutions promote and encourage diversity, impact on the range of people that access and in turn, shape them?
Submission Deadline
Submission deadline: February 24th 2017
You will be notified if your submission has been successful by May 5th 2017

Please send to: