Professor Pamela Burnard



Equality, powersharing and pipelines for career creativities

Equality is a widely-used term in many contexts, disciplines, work practices, training and life. Yet, how people talk, think, and what they consider to be truths is as diverse as the myths (a polite word for lie) that block it. In this session we will, together, unravel and explode several myths, discuss the ‘pipeline’ metaphor that recognizes diversity and fluidity between disciplines, professional roles and industry sectors, and the all-important career creativities needed to drive our chances and choices. Together we will explore ways of engaging career creativities which work in building collaborative networks and initiatives in the ecology of music industry education, academia, culture and community.



Pam Burnard is Professor of Arts, Creativities and Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. She is conservatoire trained musician who sounded her musical voice well beyond graduating. This is her third career, the first was in the Creative Industries working as a professional musician.  She is the founding convener of the biennial international conference, Building Interdisciplinary Bridges Across Cultures and Creativities ( She is an international authority on musical creativities research and has published widely with 20 books and over 100 articles on creative music teaching and learning and the expanded conceptualization and plural expression of creativities across learning ecologies in diverse music sectors.