Activating Inclusive Sound Spaces – Draft Schedule

University of Huddersfield Creative Arts Building
July 8th – 9th 2017

Including a new sound installation from Mira Calix in partnership with Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

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FeeIf you are affiliated with an institution we are asking you to pay a £50 registration fee. This helps us to provide bursaries for people who do not have institutional support. In some cases, as a result of this postgraduates have discovered that they have access to funding that they were not aware of. So we do encourage you to explore this first.

Fee update: We are delighted that so many people have registered for their free ticket. We have allocated the budget for 60 delegates, and provided £1000 in bursaries and performance expenses, which this means that we now only offer priced tickets. Tickets are £50 each.

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Day 1
9.15 Registration opens
9:45 Welcome

Paper session 1 (20 minute papers)
10:00 Let’s Change the Record: Women Only Studio Lock-in: An experiment in audio education and transforming the recording studio space within a university setting.
Sally Gross and Cinnamon Ducasse
10:30 Ca’minha Voz: voicing out the search for representation, inclusivity and political power by walking and singing.
Luísa Toller, Rui Chaves and Heloísa A.Duarte Valente
11:00 Holding hands with my sisters!… But only with the loud, noisy, loving, sensitive and revolutionary ones! – Reflections on feminist collaborative initiatives in music in Brazil and resistance and creativity policy implications
Tânia Mello Neiva, Isabel Nogueira and Camila Zerbinatti

11:30 Break
11:45 Keynote: Professor Pamela Burnard
12:45 Lunch

Paper session 2 (10 minute papers)
13:30 Reflections of a mentor and workshop organiser: Urban Arts Berlin/Spektra
Verónica Mota
13:50 Response to: How do individuals and communities navigate gendered spaces in these [music and sound technology] practices?
Ingrid Plum

14:10 Making Healthy Places with Open Musical Spaces: mapping the field of open-space music production as a tool for civic health
Barney Spigel

14:30 What factors should be considered in a collaborative working method between composer and choreographer to achieve a co-creative endeavour which is satisfactory for both parties. 
Jess Rymer

14:50 Session questions

15:00 Refreshments and Sound Installations (full details to follow)
ALGK Alice Guerlot-Kourouklis and Jimena Royo-Letelier – Sonification of Gender Data
Kira Belin – Can you see the forest?
Lynette Quek –Recordeur I-II

15:45 Special guest round table (details to follow)

Paper session 3 (20 minute papers)
16:45 Beyond Audio Description for Theatre: Soundtrack as Interface for Blind and Visually Impaired People
Dr. Mathew Dalgleish and Neil Reading
17:15 Frequalise – A Music and the Deaf Project
Danny Lane and Ros Rowe
17:45 Finish

We invite you to visit a new installation by Mira Calix, offered in partnership with HCMF Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

8pm Concert (full details to follow)

Ángela Hoyos-Gómez & Juan Hernández
Sophie Cooper
Veronica Mota
Silvia Rosani

Day 2
Paper session 4 (20 minute papers)
9.30 Vinyl Records and the Male Stereotype
Karlyn King
10:00 Queerness in the Space Between : Affective queer experience in sound and photography
Hali Santamas
10:30 Everything we know about audio perception is wrong (or at least it might be…)
Jude Brereton and Kat Young

11:00 Break
11:10 Interview with Mira Calix
12:00 Lunch and time to visit sound installations

Paper session 5 (10 minute papers)
12:40 Feminist perspectives on sound engineering: Challenging trends in the production and engineering of the female vocal in pop music.
Caro C
13:00 The Gendering Situation in Chinese Music Engineering Institute and Audio Technique Industry 
Dong Zhou
13:20 Investigating the genderisation of conferences in the field of audio engineering
Kat Young, Jude Brereton and Michael Lovedee-Turner

13:40 Session questions
14:00 Break

Paper session 6 (10 minute papers)
14:10 The Exotic Bird in the Corner: Self Exotification as empowerment with women* artists of colour
Shanti Suki Osman
14:30 Creating inclusive music empowerment opportunities by teaching electronic music in primary schools
Caro C
14:50 Session questions

15:00 Sandbox
Returning to the central questions and motivations for this conference, we invite all delegates, performers, developers, educators, artists and speakers to join us in identifying avenues for new action and investigation.

16:00 Finish