Mira Calix: installation and in conversation

A particular position, point, or area in space; a location.

‘I can’t be in two places at once’ ref Oxford Dictionary 

‘by beings in two places @ once’  is  an evolving sound and video installation exploring  both mine and millions of other peoples simultaneous habitation of both physical and non-physical environments. Not only are we living in two places at once, but how and why we have come to live these dual lives  One, clearly identifiable, geographically, in the physical domain while, “the other place” as i like to call it, is unfolding at such a rapid rate that we are scrambling to develop a lexicon surrounding it.  This environment, timezone, mannerisms, language, community and conduct is unrooted in our discourse  many of us, where we spend large chunks of our daily lives.

Yes, I’m referring to what is broadly termed the social networks and what it means to be in two places at once.


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Mira Calix

7454595414_b8e556a2b8_oMira Calix is an award winning artist and composer based in the United Kingdom. Music and sound, which she considers a sculptural material, are at the center of her practice. Her work explores the manipulation of the material into visible, physical forms through multi-disciplinary installations, sculpture, video and performance works. Calix’s practice is deliberately disjunctive, allowing research, site, and subject to influence a fluid choice of materials and mediums.

Mira has been commissioned and exhibited works and performances with many leading international cultural institutions, festivals and ensembles including the London Sinfonietta, the Globe, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Carriageworks, MONA, Performa, Barbican, Lincoln Center the Manchester International festival and the London Olympics amongst others.

Calix has been the recipient of several awards, in 2009 she won a British Composer Award for her composition; My Secret Heart. The installation, commissioned by Streetwise Opera, and featuring the voices of a 100 strong choir, toured extensively internationally and was also the recipient of a Royal Philharmonic Society Award as well as a finalist for The National Lottery Arts Award 2010. Chorus, a collaborative work with United Visual Artists received an Award of Distinction in the Interactive Category at Prix Ars Electronica2010. In 2011 Mira was once again nominated for a British Composer’s award, for her film opera – Fables – The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

In 2017 launched her online Portal, a space for music, conversation and material works in conjunction with Warp Records with whom she is signed.

There will be an interview with Mira on Sunday 9th at 11:10am in CAMG/01 at the University Of Huddersfield Creative Arts Building.